Wooden Dice Towers

Wooden Dice Tower

Those familiar with table top games, role playing systems and even traditional board games will know that one of the things which causes more arguments than anything else is the dice roll. Cries of “you didn’t roll that properly” and “did anyone see where that one went” and even arguments over the legitimacy of a dice result that may have ended up leading on the base of an orc warlord are all common place in the traditional gaming world. If this is a scenario that you find familiar then what you need is a dice tower.

The dice tower is pretty much what you would think it is given its name, simply a wooden structure, L shaped in design consisting of a rectangular tower and a courtyard below. The required dice are dropped into the top, they tumble through its inner maze-like baffles and roll out into the walled lower section where the result can be read.  And whilst this may seem like an unnecessary complication to the simple act of rolling a dice, there are many advantages.

The most practical one is that the dice roll takes place in a secure and confined environment, no chance of the dice ending up under the sofa due to an over-enthusiastic roll or landing half on and half off the board. If space is limited then this is a way of keeping things neatly in its place but it also eliminates and clever tricks people may have mastered to try to give them an advantage. Rolling dice this way also adds an extra element of suspense and excitement as the tumbling dice rattling through the tower feels like a lottery draw.

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Beyond their common features, dice towers are as varied and different as the imagination of those designing them, so finding one which fits the nature of your games preferences shouldn’t be that difficult.

Dragon Mini Dice Tower v4 Clear Acrylic Window Laser Cut MDF

Those looking for something in keeping with fantasy role playing might opt for this ornate and exotic design. Not only can you see the dice roll through the towers inner machinations, it creates an element of mystery as they slowly wend their way towards the final destination. The tower and the tray separate and interlock for easy of storage and transport and the sturdy MDF and acrylic structure even doubles as a dice box. There are a number of variations on the design and they are all available at around $30US.

Dragon Mini Dice Tower

Dice Boot

A cheaper option is the dice boot which at can be picked up for around half the price of the standard towers. This lightweight and sectional tower can be assembled into a see-through, free standing boot, it may lack some of the mystery but it does allow for total transparency and its total visibility makes the rolling process more dynamic and watchable. The plain nature of the item makes it perfect for board games and systems with a less fantastic or futuristic theme.

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Dice Tower and Tray – Aromatic/Red Cedar

Of course if you want to spend a little more there are always options and this handcrafted red cedar tower is perfect for all eventualities being both old school and artisan enough for games set in past or parallel worlds, and understated enough to fit the vibe of more general board games. Taller than most, felt lined and crafted from Tennessee Red Cedar, not only will this natural product look good, it smells great too.

Dice towers are great for adding that extra element to the gaming session, whether it is more about the authenticity of the piece for serious gamers or the sheer practicalities of not losing the dice every other throw when playing board games with the little ones…children not hobbits that is. Which ever you chose there is the one which best suits your style, not to mention your back balance, just a click away.

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The Broken Token Mini Dice Tower Kit

Mini Dice Tower KitThis is  another cheap option but packs bit of fun as you have to put it together. This wooden dice tower ships as a kit that you easily snap together in minute, no glue required!

The final product looks great in the middle of any gaming table where you can roll the dice in style.Mini Wooden Dice Tower Kit

Also this dice tower folds for easy travel  and store your dice in the tower without them falling out! 

Dimensions (Standing): 3″ Wide, 4.8″ Long, 4.7″ Tall

Dimensions (Folded): 3″ Wide, 4.8″ Long, 2.2″ Tall

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