Professional Tournament Chess BoardEven if you like the idea of collecting a few boards, possibly the best board to start your collection off with is one that has a wide range of uses, one that can be mixed and matched with any number of different styles and themes.

This tournament standard board No 5 is the perfect purchase. It is plain and unadorned thus avoiding the thematic clashes of a hi tech, futuristic chess battle taking place on a fantasy playing area, it may be a small thing and not detract from the actually enjoyment of the strategy and tactics of the game itself, but in the same way that food is more enjoyable when perfectly presented, games are more enjoyable when there is a slight escapism to them. That relies, if only in a small way, on the logic of what you see before you.

It follows traditional lines, is cheap and sturdy, and is the perfect, everyday board and therefore the idea purchase. This does not come with Chess Pieces, but can be purchased separately from Amazon.  From here themed and specialist boards can be added to the games collection but sometimes reverting to the simpler things makes for a welcome change.

Professional Tournament Chess Board, No. 5


Look & Feel


Quality & Design


Value for Money



  • Tournament standard sized, wooden inlaid chess board
  • Excellent Quality for Price


  • Chess Pieces are Sold Seperate