Handmade Maria Stuart Metal Chess Set In Wooden BoxChess sets can also move beyond the realms of merely gaming and become a piece of art in their own right. This handmade Maria Stuart Metal chess set not only makes for a wonderful playing experience but is the sort of set that you would leave on display on a small table or as a centre piece even when not in use. Even a non player might display it in a study or as part of an old world decor theme.

Obviously such a unique set, and each one is truly unique, comes with a price tag but as a piece of art, home decor, talking point, environmentally savvy item and gaming experience all rolled into one, it is still very good value for money.

As is always the way, you get what you pay for but the advantage of chess having two principle components is that the pieces and the board can be swapped at will to create a unique experience every time you play. And it doesn’t end there, once you have a good board, avid gamers and history buffs might even like to buy, build, paint and collect their own pieces. Now that really does offer a unique experience.


Handmade Maria Stuart Metal Chess Set In Wooden Box


Look & Feel


Quality & Design


Value for Money



  • Piece of art in their own right
  • Handmade with high quality material


  • High price tag