Of course if you want to spend a little more there are always options and this handcrafted red cedar tower is perfect for all eventualities being both old school and artisan enough for games set in past or parallel worlds, and understated enough to fit the vibe of more general board games. Taller than most, felt lined and crafted from Tennessee Red Cedar, not only will this natural product look good, it smells great too.

Dice towers are great for adding that extra element to the gaming session, whether it is more about the authenticity of the piece for serious gamers or the sheer practicalities of not losing the dice every other throw when playing board games with the little ones…children not hobbits that is. Which ever you chose there is the one which best suits your style, not to mention your back balance, just a click away.

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Dice Tower and Tray - Aromatic/Red Cedar


Look & Feel


Quality & Design


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  • Handcrafted red cedar tower
  • High in Quality
  • Sturdy and Durable
  • Great Gift Idea