Dice Accessories

Dice Game Accessories

There was a time when dice had 6 sides and where used to propel abstract playing pieces in fairly logical fashion around game boards. They moved Backgammon pieces, they let you “Pass Go” and collect a stack of money and they were even games in their own right. With the advent of the table top roll playing game, the role of the die changed. They evolved into 4, 8, 12 and even 20 sided affairs and their role took on a much more imaginative affair, they helped you slay dragons,  confront attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion or undertake steam punk adventures through alternative earths.

In short dice came into their own, and as they rose to become an important part of the games mechanics the options and possibilities also evolved. Today they are as myriad and wide ranging as the game systems they serve and the person who throws them and as they are such an important part of the games system, it is only logical that they have their own culture to exist in.

Dicing with Destiny

Dice AccessoriesIf you are going to enter the realms of fantasy or the alternative worlds of science fiction, you might as well have the dice to go with it. Plain black dice with worn edges just aren’t going to cut it, what you need is a dice set that look like they actually glisten like C-beams glittering in the dark near the Tannhä user Gate or are made out of Mithril, you need zinc alloy polyhedral dice.

This 7 dice set is hard wearing and easy to read but more than that they add to the ambience of the gaming session. As you see these skitter across the game board or drop down the dice tower, you aren’t just generating random outcomes, you are dicing, quite literally, with destiny.

Dice Accessories

Boxing Clever

Large Wooden Spellbook Style Fabric Lined Deck or Cube Box for MTGAside from the escapist and the imaginative side of the gaming session there is also the practicalities to consider, the main one being storage and compactness. Whilst boards fold up and role-playing figures can go back on the display shelf, there are some smaller and more easily damaged items which might need your attention.

Trading cards may have burst out of the box they came in, game tokens can easily slip out of the box they came in as the integrity of the much handled card board goes beyond its prime and dice are easily dropped, kicked under the sofa and lost altogether. What you need is a handy box to keep them all in. This box adds the right flavours to the game environment but also has the practical applications you are looking for to keep things safe. It also comes at a price which won’t break the bank.

Large Wooden Spellbook Style Fabric Lined Deck or Cube Box for MTG

Bags of Fun

Microfiber Large Dice Bag | Truly Reversible with Dragon Image on Each Side | Stands Up on its Own and Holds 200+ DiceOf course if money is an object a cheaper option to keeping your dice safe is with a stylish Dragon Dice Bag. Affordable, in keeping with the fantasy element of the game after use it can be hung up to look like a medieval money pouch or an alchemists ingredient bag, perfect for the player who is never that far out of character even when back in the real world.

As with real world fashion, accessories are the icing on the cake, those quality touches which add to the enjoyment of the gaming environment. Why keep important items in a carrier bag from the local mall when you can store them in something which helps suspend the real world mundanity and helps you and your imagination focus on exploring beyond the realms of reality.

Microfiber Large Dice Bag | Truly Reversible with Dragon Image on Each Side | Stands Up on its Own and Holds 200+ Dice