Chess Boards

Chess Boards

The simplicity and elegance of a chess set means that it comes in a startling array of styles and options. Just as the chess piece sets range from traditional historical designs, such as the famous Lewis Chessmen to the culturally popular such as pieces depicting Game of Thrones and representing every era and culture in between, so the boards that they sit on can also vary widely. And whilst very often the theme of the board you chose is dictated by, and generally is purchased with, the pieces you chose, there is much fun to be had for the avid games player or chess aficionado to mix and match their preferred elements.


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Traditional Chess Board

Even if you like the idea of collecting a few boards, possibly the best board to start your collection off with is one that has a wide range of uses, one that can be mixed and matched with any number of different styles and themes.

This standard board is the perfect first purchase. It is plain and unadorned thus avoiding the thematic clashes of a hi tech, futuristic chess battle taking place on a fantasy playing area, it may be a small thing and not detract from the actually enjoyment of the strategy and tactics of the game itself, but in the same way that food is more enjoyable when perfectly presented, games are more enjoyable when there is a slight escapism to them. That relies, if only in a small way, on the logic of what you see before you.

It follows traditional lines, is cheap and sturdy, folds up for ease of storage and is the perfect, everyday board and therefore the idea first purchase. From here themed and specialist boards can be added to the games collection but sometimes reverting to the simpler things makes for a welcome change.

Boxed Chess Sets

Chess pieces are easily lost or damaged and so a great idea is to purchase a boxed set, a board which folds into a protective home for the pieces. Choosing one which has an ornate board and a solid functionality is a must and of course you can always change the playing pieces if you like at a later date. This Greek and Spartan has a classic and historical look and would make the perfect battle ground for almost any themed or unadorned chess pieces you would like to choose.

Specialist Chess Boards

Chess sets can also move beyond the realms of merely gaming and become a piece of art in their own right. This handmade olive wood board and pieces not only makes for a wonderful playing experience but is the sort of set that you would leave on display on a small table or as a centre piece even when not in use. Even a non player might display it in a study or as part of an old world decor theme.

It is made from pruned wood meaning that its environmental impact is zero, in fact it is a result of ensuring the trees thrive and so is the perfect synthesis of the natural world and the indoor gaming experience. Obviously such a unique set, and each one is truly unique, comes with a price tag but as a piece of art, home decor, talking point, environmentally savvy item and gaming experience all rolled into one, it is still very good value for money.

As is always the way, you get what you pay for but the advantage of chess having two principle components is that the pieces and the board can be swapped at will to create a unique experience every time you play. And it doesn’t end there, once you have a good board, avid gamers and history buffs might even like to buy, build, paint and collect their own pieces. Now that really does offer a unique experience.