Whilst only now gaining popularity in the West, Carrom has been played in South Asia for hundreds of years and is thought to be the forerunner of billiards and therefore snooker and pool. Played on a square board the idea is to use one counter to strike another and pocket all your pieces into the corner pockets before the opponent. In India and its neighbours competitions are run at national level and due to the modern movements of people, the game is becoming popular in The US, Australia and Europe as well.

Not only is this set sturdy and decorative it can be flipped to reveal other games board designs such as the draughts. A stand is required for the Carrom board to be properly used but a small table or bar stool is also sufficient.

Carrom Game Board Large


Carrom Game Board Large


Look & Feel


Quality & Design


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  • Quality craftmanship
  • A Classic Game for Families


  • Pocket netting needs frequent repair