Wooden Game Boards

Wooden Game Boards

In a very short period of time board games have evolved into fairly complex affairs. Using only a few dice and tokens, cards and a whole lot of imagination you can play in any world, real or otherwise, explore dungeon complexes, build interplanetary empires and everything in between. But before the concept became invested with such wide ranging possibilities, the classic board game was king, and with many still is. From Snakes and Ladders, Monopoly to Connect Four and Cluedo, some times the simplest and more straightforward concepts are the most popular.

Carrom Game Board Large

Whilst only now gaining popularity in the West, Carrom has been played in South Asia for hundreds of years and is thought to be the forerunner of billiards and therefore snooker and pool. Played on a square board the idea is to use one counter to strike another and pocket all your pieces into the corner pockets before the opponent. In India and its neighbours competitions are run at national level and due to the modern movements of people, the game is becoming popular in The US, Australia and Europe as well.

Not only is this set sturdy and decorative it can be flipped to reveal other games board designs such as the draughts. A stand is required for the Carrom board to be properly used but a small table or bar stool is also sufficient.

Winning Solutions Scrabble Deluxe Wooden Edition with Rotating Game Board

Scrabble is arguably one of the most popular games across the globe, its combination of simple rules and a challenge as broad as language itself has meant that it never goes out of fashion. And whilst the basic set is obviously sufficient for an enjoyable game, if you are a regular player why not treat yourself to a deluxe addition.

One of the problems people have with Scrabble is that the lay out of the board means that it is designed to be read from one side, meaning the 1 to 3 other players have to view the board from the wrong angle. This robust set solves that problem as the board is designed like a “Lazy Susan” and can be spun around to face each player in turn. The board features a raised grid to stop the tiles moving and the box itself becomes the perfect storage unit. Not only a lavish and practical set but one which is also a wonderful piece of decorative art for the home.

Scrabble Luxury Edition Board Game

And if you want to really make a statement you could invest in a truly beautiful scrabble set. Incorporating all the features listed above, this set really turns heads. Finished in elegant wood veneers and with a faux leather rotating playing area, this will provide the ultimate playing experience.

Board games are, of course, primarily about fun but they are also about socialising  and keeping the brain agile. Whilst you can do all of that with the basic sets and cheaply available boards on the market, adding a touch of class to your gaming get togethers or after dinner fun really enhances the experience and as a piece of household detail says something about who you are.